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Loston Harris Hot House Jazz Hot House Jazz

Check out Hot House Jazz's great review of Loston's new CD, Swingfully Yours on page 10!



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Loston Immortalized!

Loston Harris fun fiction Eye for an Eye

"Rebus did it for Edinburgh, Laidlaw did it for Glasgow. Gilchrist might just be the bloke to put St. Andrews on the crime fiction map." —Daily Record


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Loston Harris fun fiction A Taxonomy of Barnacles

Loston must have struck a chord with 1st time fiction author Galt Niederhoffer, inspiring him to write a scene loosely based on the real Loston Harris at Bemelmans Bar. Check out pages 134-137!

“...Six magnificently twisted sisters, crammed on top of one another in their eccentric father's Fifth Avenue apartment, compete to see who can best carry on the family name. ...As individually amusing as each of these sisters is, New York City emerges as the book's most interesting character...” —Entertainment Weekly Book Review

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Loston Harris fun fiction Little Manhattan

Watch Loston and his Trio appear in the 20th Century Fox film "Little Manhattan", starring Cynthia Nixon of "Sex and the City". The film, a romantic comedy about two fifth-graders finding love in The Big Apple, highlights the Loston Harris Trio during a cameo performance filmed at The Carlyle Hotel emphasizing a key romantic scene!

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Carlyle Hotel Commemorative Book The Carlyle Commemorative Book

In this remarkably illustrated and carefully researched commemorative volume, all the legends and characters (including Loston) of one of the most important hotels in the world come alive.

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